Mirror Work By Christina King Rogers

Mirror Work By Christina King Rogers

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Too often women find themselves living beneath their potential, lost in the everyday roles and responsibilities of parenting, being a wife, working and nurturing those around them. But what happens when the children leave the home? Or the marriage fails? What happens when the company you've been working for lets you go? Or you wake up one day and realize that the work you have committed time and talent to no longer serve you. If you've lived long enough then you've likely experienced the emptiness that often accompanies major life shifts. I know what it's like to sit with the weight of questions that only time and stillness could bring clarity to. I know what's it's like to wrestle with the question "Who am I Now?" These season of discovery can often feel lonely but you are not alone. I wrote this book as a self discovery tool to help women tap into their true identity, commit to the inner work required to experience transformation and prioritize self love like never before. This book will help women take a long look at themselves so that they can do the work....Mirror Work!


Official Paper Back Book Release: May 23rd, 2021

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