About Us

Founded by Christina King-Rogers, Blessed Organic Essentials specializes in creating premium quality holistic natural skin care handcrafted in small batches and designed with the love and care of our customers in mind.

The story behind Christina's health journey is a unique one. A thyroid cancer survivor, she underwent two major surgeries, two bouts of internal radiation treatments and three reconstruction surgeries.

Christina has come to appreciate and rely on using her products in her own daily health and skin care regimen. God has given her a vision and passion to bring more health awareness into enriching the lives of others with B.O. Essentials' natural skincare.

Our products are formulated to work with a variety of skin types from dry to oily, combination, and various skin conditions. We use 100% Pure Plant Based ingredients to do everything from sooth, heal, relax, and revitalize the body.

Christina's goal is to help women and their families learn about the importance of creating a healthy skin care regimen and to deliver great products to help them accomplish it.